Maintenance Contract Preparation

A written contract should provide protection for both parties involved. It can protect both parties when the agreed terms or/and conditions are not understood and therefore not adhered to. If the disagreement cannot be settled, the written contract will be and can be used as a general reference on what the parties have agreed and determine the best way forward.

A written contract ensures that all the terms of the agreement are documented and clarified.

A Question that oral contracts often leave unanswered, frequently lead parties to begin performance under an “gentlemen’s agreement” only to find – after time and resources have been spent, or a person leaves the company, that there are major areas of disagreement by all involved.

LCG Lift Consultancy Ltd have the expertise to prepare, write and tender analyse any form of contract, be it MF1, JCT, FTC, or a specific maintenance agreement between a lift contractor and building agent or owner.

This is to avoid any onerous terms which can be hidden in the small print.

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