New Installation & Modernisation

LCG Lift Consultancy have specified and project managed many new installations and modernisations across a wide variety of buildings, structures, and voids across the whole of the UK, Ireland, Europe, and The Middle East.

With over 100 years wealth of experience, we have the ability, drive, providing clarity and understanding about the lift, escalator and stairlift industry. We have the expertise to undertake any vertical, funicular, curved installations, or modernisation. All of which can be tailored to suit you or your building’s needs.

We at LCG Lift Consultancy Ltd pride ourselves on providing impartial sound advice to enhance our client’s businesses to keep them moving. At the forefront of what we do is to ensure quality in accordance with our client’s requirements. We have an excellent working relationship with the major lift companies as well as the independent companies.

Through our contractor vetting and tender process we are able to assist clients in determining the best contractor for each project. In order to avoid costly delays. We believe that we need to get it right from the start of the project, as it is very difficult to reassign the project to a different contractor once an order has been placed.

Please send any enquiries to or telephone 02083201100.