Acquisition & Dilapidation Surveys

Making the decision to refurbish, modernise or completely renew lifts or escalators can be very time consuming, very expensive and a very big undertaking.

There are lots of factors to consider, LCG lift Consultancy have put our expertise and knowledge into preparing an lift replacement schedule survey, which has up to 17 points of consideration, scoring from 1-10, 1 being the best, 10 being the worst, so the higher the score, the higher up the order it appears. It contains, but is not limited to, criteria such as obsolescence, age, condition, reliability, usage, and conformity to the current regulations.

It provides a robust rationale, were there to be any questions raised, as to why a certain order of replacement/modernisation was ascertained.

An Acquisition survey provides detail likely to affect the overall cost of the building due to required works in order to bring the lifts to a safe and satisfactory working condition. The costs, depending on the type of lifts, can be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. This can prove to be the difference between buying a building and making a profit or making a crashing loss.

Our acquisition report gives details of the works required in order to assist in the decision making.

If you require any further information or would like this service carried out, please contact us via email at, or alternatively telephone 02083201100.