Tender Negotiation & Management

After agreeing the specification for the works required on your lift, LCG can then lead the tender process. This starts with working with the client in forming a list of companies to send the tender documents to or listing on a tender portal for larger contracts. We can prepare all documentation to suit the process being used.

All tenders are managed with returns received remaining sealed until the agreed time. Opening and reviewing all bids can be processed by LCG in a controlled environment or with the client as part of a panel and adjudicate all bids.

LCG will also chair any meetings that are required pre and post tender to ensure the best contractor for the works is appointed and costs for the contract are controlled and fair for all. This is to ensure that the contractors have included for all of the terms within the tender and have not ‘complied in general’ with the client’s requirements. This highlights the best value for money with a view to obtaining an improvement in content or in circumstances which do not put the other tenderers at a disadvantage, distort competition or affect adversely trust in the competitive tendering process.

Tender Negotiation can be a great way to adjudicate contractors, however if you are not familiar with the technical terms, or the installation requirements, this can be daunting and very confusing.

At LCG, we have the know how and the expertise regarding any aspect of building transportation.

As part of your team we can assist in the management, installation, modernisation or refurbishment to ensure that the project is completed successfully, on time and on budget.

We carry out sporadic site meetings and inspections, and review. We also review the submitted Operations and Manual documents prior to issue.

We also insist on transparency and impartial reporting and can provide all transcripts should there be a query from a tenant, a managing director or board members.

If you wish for us to carry out this service, please do not hesitate to contact us on our email service@lcglifts.co.uk, or alternatively call one our team members who will gladly help with your query on 02083201100.